A Song of Bogs and Woodlands: A Star Trek Fan Production

Song of marsh and forrest
Starfleet is ready, even directly created to face the unknown. From time to time, however, things beyond human comprehension emerge from the mysterious depths of the cosmos. And there are times when only contact survived the Earth with happiness. Such was the clash with the probe, the sending song of the ocean. It's already happened. And it will happen again...


Interesting Facts

  • The tenth, annual piece of the FSFilm group is a reminder of classic films with Kirk's crew
  • Free continuation and reunion with a mysterious probe from Star Trek IV
  • We also speculate on the fates of Captain Decker and Lieutenant Iliy of Star Trek I

Filmed in amateur scenery in the village of Běrunice. Filmed, premiere summer 2022

Director's dedication :

Arjen and his Star One project, Teresa "Pangolin
" Polanecké


Download 2K ST_Pisen_blat_a_lesu_v12-1080p.mp4 [514 MB]

subtitles: CzechEnglishGerman

Cast & Crew