Hall Of Fame

We would like to thank everyone without whom the USS Masaryk would not stand. And as there are military ranks in the Star Trek, we decided to award an honorary rank to all those who worked many hours free of charge as a fans on the construction of set, design, costumes, masks, shooting equipment, but also on the necessary cleaning. 

Vice Admiral (1100 - 1500 hours worked)







Rear Admiral (800-1099 hours worked)

Commodore ( 500-799 hours worked)

zana karel






Captain (300-499 hours worked)







Commander (200-299 hours worked)


sokar sokar miloš

terka barevná omi







Lieutenant Commander (100 - 199 hours worked)

bóža zephram elias






Lieutenant (50 - 99 hours worked)

shake leena rin

molik dfox linda









Lieutenant Junior Grade (25 - 49 hours worked)


yarche jimbo galbovka






jane fildas polda

kadous Carlos








Ensign (10 - 24 hours worked)

samuel evadat stribro