Commander Čapek

Komandér Čapková
Full name: 
Carolina Čapek
Head of Communications and Security, U.S.S. Dakar
Date and place of birth: 
22-Dec-2351, Vlkov pod Oškobrhem, Earth
Marital status: 

Life and career:

She was born in a picturesque village in Central Europe to the Čapek couple, who formed a successful singing duo. Her parents loved her fervently, but they didn't have much time for their daughter because of the endless tour of the Federation. Little Karolina was raised by her grandmother, from whom she also heard the first historians about the universe - her grandmother worked for sixty years as a leading astronomer in Štefánik's observatory. When Carolina was four years old, both of her parents were killed by the Cardassians on their return from a concert in Delta II. It was one of the final attacks on a civilian ship during the Cardassian-Federal War.

Carolina was very sad, and the mysterious attractive universe suddenly became a hostile place that took her family. As she grew older, this resistance passed her, and rather than the universe, she blamed Starfleet, which did not protect her family. She inherited her parents' musical hearing, and from an early age, her penetrating intelligence and talent for languages and computers became apparent. Instead of using it constructively, she ran one barbecue after another, and even her grandmother couldn't tame it. Carolina mostly hacked into the fleet's encrypted communications and caused confusion at all levels, including Section 31.

At her fifteenth birthday, as a student at Kepler High School, she did a bit of the biggest. It penetrated Betazed's communications headquarters and cut off the planet from the rest of the universe by scattering frequencies and causing complete chaos. Unfortunately, at that time, Commander Riker, Deanna and Lwaxana Troi were abducted from Betazed by DaiMon Togo, Ferengi. Enteprise was out of reach, and when Chancellor Betazed Reittan Grax tried to contact fleet command, he called only the volcanic Minister of Agriculture. He advised him how to better irrigate beet fields in the Jalar region, but for Riker et al. there was nothing he could do. Fortunately, the Enterprise returned from the Gamma Erandi sector in time, and Grax was able to communicate for a short distance. Captain Picard saved them all, but it was a big mess for Carolina. She was arrested and interrogated - the officer who led the investigation recognized her talent and offered her two options. The penal colony or Starfleet Academy. From her point of view, Karolína chose a second prison, a fleet.

She eventually began to enjoy her studies and became an expert in cryptanalysts. What she had done before for her own entertainment, she now did legally for the security department. Allocation to the first starships soon came. During the war with the Dominion, she served as a lieutenant in communications to the U.S.S. Exeter. In an almost lost clash with the Jem Hadar Heavy Cruiser, she managed a brilliant piece of experienced chirrant. The advanced defense of the Jem Hadars did not allow Čapeková to hack primary systems such as weapons or life support. However, she stabbed herself on the replicator upstairs above the main bridge and had it replicated by a five-ton steel traverse. She fell through the partition, destroyed the bridge, and cut off Jem Hadar Command. Exeter then destroyed the easily paralyzed cruiser. Karolina was promoted to lieutenant, received a medal and post as head of security at U.S.S. Dakar. Her method became known as the Cap Fint and is unofficially recommended as much more effective than the navigation-dangerous, moreover, Picard's already well-known maneuver.


Carolina is highly intelligent, inquisitive, but a little introverted, living in her world. Fully captures the label geek. In his free time he plays board games, makes historical fencing and participates in cosplay, where he competes at the whole square level. He does not have much respect for the authorities. She entered the fleet involuntarily, and even though she likes it there, she likes to remain herself. As proof, she wears a decorative buckle on her uniform, which she has left as a memorial to her mother. Already on the first position, the commanding officer tried to check her buckle. However, Karolina, unlike e.g. Ensign Ro did not let him be bullied for a second and cited several cases of much more significant breaches of dress code - the dress of Counselor Troi, a giant sash beginning with Ensign Worf, etc.  She was determined to complain of unequal treatment, as the captain recognized and quickly retreated. Since then, no one has questioned her right to wear a buckle.