Patriot: A Star Trek Fan Production (2018)

The year is 2373 and the galaxy is war drums. The proud warriors of the Klingon Empire conquer one piece of the Cardassian Union after another. Thousands of Cardassian refugees are fleeing the devastated worlds to meet the safe arms of the United Federation of Planets. Due to the turbulent common history with this species, the Federation is only reluctant to open its borders. Many fear a breach of sovereignty and for good reason. Not all refugees come with pure intentions. Tensions are rising and conflict is becoming inevitable ...


Interesting Facts

Patriot: A Star Trek Fan Production is a Czech short film created by fans of this phenomenon. The project was filmed in autumn 2017 and fully reflects the rules of Star Trek brand owners for amateur creation.


For viewers who are curious about the previous destinies of the main characters, we have prepared short prequel stories in the form of comics. Eva "Barevná" Železná breathed life into her talent and art.

SPOILER alert, comics reveal key information from the film!





Interesting facts

Star Trek

  • Fanfilm develops the situation around the Klingon-Cardassian war shown in the DS9 double division The Way of the Warrior, Part I a The Way of the Warrior, Part II.
  • Commander Timulon is a member of a species from the planet Kaelon, which was introduced in an episode of TNG Half a Life, even here he faces impending death.
  • Captain Lazuli is the result of the genetic compatibility of two strong telepathic species, the Delts and the Betazoids.

Behind the scenes

  • The fan movie was shot in one weekend.
  • Post-production and editing took about half a year.
  • This is the first project of the FSFilm group after the announcement of new rules for the fan production.
  • Each major character has its history explained in a prequel commission. The inspiration for this act was the Star Trek comic: Countdown, the artist is Eva Železná.


Cast & Crew