About FSFilm

FSFilm is a creative group shooting non-commercial fan sci-fi movies and shows, inspired mostly by Star Trek and British sitcom “Yes, Minister.”

We’re not a company or a club; we’re just a group of friends with sci-fi in their veins and we’re willing to go a little further than most. We learn to write scripts, hold a camera, cut film, print new 3D ships, and visual effects, do makeup or special effects, hold a mic rod the right way and last but not least, organize everything, so that we can have a new movie to watch – together in a cinema or just on a live stream with other ecstatic fans.

At the same time we’re happy if our work is appreciated by other fans and perhaps if they enjoy a fun weekend not just working – or cleaning – on the set, but during other activities like excursions, photoshoots or playing a computer simulator of commanding a starship – Artemis. For example, kids from a Star Trek themed camp were over the moon when we teleported ourselves into the 24th century.

In the future, we’d like to introduce more activities tied to the set. You can join in and partake in shaping them, or you can become our Patron and help us fund the maintenance, rent, or making of new content.