Psioduel: A Star Trek Fan Production

Playing with telepaths and hypnotics is not just that. Sometimes they work as freelancers, other times they are members of various organisations - but you never know what they really think. Choosing the best for Federation services is not an easy task, and Viola Lub must prove that her captain's uniform really belongs to her.

Interesting Facts

  • We remember the forces ruled by the Vorts in their beginnings on screen.
  • The name of the Horologan species is inspired by the constellation of the same name. Star Trek fans may know more about the neighbor - Eridanus. However, horology is also a science of time measurement and watchmaking.

Filmed in amateur scenery in the village of Běrunice. Filmed, premiere 21. March 2022.

Dedicated to:

Detective Columbo and his "one last thing..."


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Cast & Crew