Lieutenant O´Cal

Susan O´Calová
Full name: 
Susan O´Cal
Security Commander, U.S.S. Tallin
Date and place of birth: 
2-Feb-2350, new Ireland, Venus
Marital status: 

Life and carrier:

Susan was born on Venus to the O'Cal couple, top athletes and quadrant masters in low-gravity climbing. She inherited their physical talents and at the age of eight she became the junior champion of her planet. Her parents hoped that she would become another sports star and continue the family tradition. However, Susan had fascinated the universe since she was a child and longed for Starfleet. Unfortunately, however playful she would pass all the physical exams for admission to the academy, intellectually it was no glory. Susan read, but slowly, she didn't do math, and her parents didn't even want to hear about her studies.

The only family member Susan supported on her way to her dream was her grandfather Vinnie O'Cal. He himself served on a starship, Enterprise D itself, even as a mere handyman (he watered flowers and fed fish in conference rooms and lounges). Whenever he returned home, he showed little Susan books about the universe, patiently tutored her reading, writing, and math, and played chess with her - Susan didn't go chess, but she loved them, and all the moments she spent with her grandfather. Only thanks to his support and immense diligence did she finally pass the tests, was she accepted to the Starfleet Academy and began safety training. Grandpa was duly proud of her, but just before her graduation he died in the Enterprise crash on Veridian III. Susan was devastated, especially when she found out that the powerful flagship had been destroyed by a 100-year-old Klingon crack due to the exemplary negligence of senior officers. She quickly took off her pink glasses and began to get a picture of how the idealistic world of the fleet sometimes goes at first glance - whoever has acquaintances has power. Susan hardened inside and became a cynical young security guard who is sharp and powerful, but especially from the higher batches and the "men upstairs", she keeps a careful distance. She watched with hope the investigation of Commander Viola Lub, who, even at the cost of jeopardizing her own career, tried to bring the truth about the destruction of Enteprise D to light. She failed, but Susan liked her fight for justice. That's why when she caught her on the shooting range a few months later masking her shooting skills, Viola was happy to help. A strong friendship arose from the random meeting, still fixed, when later Captain Lub took Susan aboard the U.S.S. Tallin as head of security. The two women like to go on holiday to Risa together, drink Match and hold marathons of old series and movies.


Susan O'Cal is tough and stubborn, you could say she's an old school security guard. She likes to do things her way, she reports and is not afraid of anyone or anything. He tends to oppose the authorities and knows everything that is going on where, even if it concerns the secret service. The first would admit that she is not very intelligent, but is endowed with that persistent kind of creative safe "stupidity" with which intelligence sometimes has its hands full.