The Day the Federation Stood Still: A Star Trek Fan Production

Den, kdy se zastavila Federace
From the first pioneers on fragile wooden and fabric machines, through test pilots, to starship captains, the goal of these explorers has always been the same - to push the boundaries, to fly further, faster, and braver, at any cost. Really, at any cost? Captain Lance discovers that true knowledge and harmony with the universe may be found in something entirely different...


Interesting Facts

  • This fan film returns to the space scene of the USS Stardust, which the fleet discovered near Deneb IV
  • It also develops environmental themes from the TNG episode "Force of Nature" and perhaps a little from Discovery
  • Its title pays homage to the classic sci-fi "The Day the Earth Stood Still."

Filmed in amateur settings in the village of Běrunice, with post-production completed, the premiere is set for March 27, 2023.

Director's dedication:

To Moya, Talyn, and all living ships.

Cast & Crew