Can't Stop: A Star Trek Fan Production

Sometimes it's just the way it goes. You have an interesting mission, job or something useful planned and something happens that you didn't expect. Starfleet Command calls you and changes your plans. And then Q joins in. Then you have no choice but to take it all in stride. A very high level of detachment.


Interesting Facts

  • Our first Star Trek music fan film
  • Writer-director Radek Belina's first feature
  • The music used is licensed for non-commercial use, thanks to Tency Music SAS, Filmdat and OSA.
  • Many people from the Star Trek amateur theatre TyJáTrek were involved
  • Yes, the disco ball was real, as were most of the lensflares ... Hello JJ ;-)

Filmed in an amateur set in the village of Běrunice. In post-production, premiere on October 18, 2023 in the Kino Pilotů.


Cast & Crew