Commander Trex

Sandoval Trex
Full name: 
Sandoval Trex
First Officer U.S.S. Arkham
Date and place of birth: 
14-Sept-2333, Trill (host), 3-Apr-1960 (symbiote Trex)
Marital status: 

Sandoval was born on Trill into a family with a rich military history. As his ancestors, he decided to serve in Starfleet. After an exemplary study at the academy, he quickly advanced in the rankings. His ambition was to become the youngest captain in his family's history. He also completed a symbiote program on Trill and was selected for connection. Sandoval hoped for a symbiote with a similar focus as he did. However, at the time of the death of the host of the important planetary artist Trex, he was the only possible recipient of the symbiote. After a short hesitation, he agreed. Unlike the militarily based Sandoval, Trex has been a musical genius for the past five hundred years. These artistic talents enchanted and dominated Sandoval so much after the merger that he interrupted his fleet career and for the next ten years he devoted himself to composing space-themed operas.  After this "artistic discharge", Sandoval Trex decided to return to the fleet. He returned to the lieutenant's deferred rank, and thanks to Trex's experience (which had served in the fleet once a hundred years ago), his fleet star began to rise again. Currently the first officer at U.S.S. Arkham with prospects for promotion to captain's status and his own command.


Thanks to the connection with a very experienced and long-lived symbiote, Sandoval Trex is a calm, balanced and wise officer. Unlike the eager careerist he used to be in his youth, he now sees the universe in a broader context and is surprised by little. He no longer needs to prove anything. It can look cold at first glance, but inside is the sensitive and deep soul of the artist.