For those of you who like precise numbers we have prepared some statistical data. Even we were surprised by some of them. The data are continuously updated as the work on the STD Project is a never ending story.

Let’s start with something on the overall extent of works. The total number of man-hours spent preparing the project has climbed to 2818 so far.
Furthermore, in 2015 we spent some lovely 69 days building our studios.

A more detailed breakdown follows:

Construction and adjustment of the studios: 2,463 hours
Sewing costumes: 141 hours
Masks and props: 163 hours
Filming equipment: 19 hours

Since transport technology is not available yet, a huge part of the construction works is travelling to the studios and back. So far, we got the following numbers:

Total kilometres driven: 20,152 km
Number of cars with the cast and crew: 139