Her Right: A Star Trek Fan Production (2020)

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Machines can cry? There are equations for pain, humiliation or anger? A century has passed since the attempt to create a computer that will control the entire Starfleet ship. The M5 project was not far from a disaster. But some people didn't give up. They are still tempting all boundaries, from technological to moral ...


Interesting Facts

Star Trek

  • In the 24th century, attempts are being made to computer control ships, as in the episode TOS  The Ultimate Computer
  • Rade Zeta proves that even unpredictable Orions can benefit Starfleet
  • The experimental ship USS Cupertino is under the command of the Secret Service, dreaded Section 31

Behind the scenes

  • The fan movie was shot over a single weekend
  • The film deals with artificial intelligence and the music for it was composed using artificial intelligence, a program AIVA


Filmed in amateur scenery in the village of Běrunice.

Director's dedication :

Andromeda, Magia, Delilah and other digital muses

Cast & Crew