Commander Timulon

Full name: 
special operations agent
Date and place of birth: 
13-Sept-2313, province Devotema, Kaelon II
Marital status: 

Timulon comes from a family with a long history, his ancestors have been serving as judges at the highest court of Kaelon for 12 generations. Given this heritage and education, it was clear that Timulon would also dedicate his life to law. However, he turned out of the way of his fathers and decided to promote justice on a larger scale and outside his home world. From an early age, he was fascinated by the principle of the United Federation of Planets, the sharing of cultures and technologies, which is also bound by Timulon by the most perfect of all laws, the basic directive.

With this conviction, he entered Starfleet with a clear goal. He became a protective corps agent, deployed in disguise into less developed worlds, to guard and expose potential impostors from foreign worlds who disrupt natural development for their personal gain, for example by selling technology. Timulon has dedicated his entire life and career to this work.