Captain Lumen

Kapitán Lumen
Full name: 
Arjen Lumen
Captain U.S.S. Greenwich
Date and place of birth: 
3-Apr-2339, cargo ship Ayreon
Marital status: 

Life and career:

The Lumen family has belonged since the end of 21. century to space nomads. They live on the family vessel S.S. AYREON, with which they transport cargo throughout the galaxy. Arjen, as the firstborn son, followed the family tradition, and when his father was killed in a clash with the Tholians in 2371, he took command of AYREON. Although many private ships and pilots stopped flying in the turbulent 1970s, AYREON continued to cross the alpha quadrant, the Borg, and the Dominion in spite of.

In 2374, Arjen intercepted an emergency call from a science station on Vandor IV. This laboratory of the famous pioneer in the field of time research Paul Manheim found itself under attack by the Jem Hadar Squadron. Since no fleet ship was in the sector, Arjen decided to intervene alone. Thanks to his brilliant piloting and high deployment, he was able to defeat all three enemy fighters with his AYREON, albeit at the cost of irreparable damage to his own ship. After rebounding Jem Hadary, he embarked on rescue operations at a science station through serious injuries. He personally pulled both Paul Manheim and his wife Janice and Lieutenant Malkia from the burning wreckage. When he brought her to safety, he fainted himself as a result of his injuries, and both were found by a medical team meanwhile arriving at U.S.S. Drake.

Arjen and Malkia became close and fell in love during a joint six-month convalescence at a spa on Mars. The war continued and Starfleet suffered from a shortage of people. Therefore, partly as compensation for his heroism (but mainly because she desperately needed experienced commanders), she offered Arjen the rank of captain and command of U.S.S. Greenwich. Arjen was deeply saddened by the loss of AYREON and the end of his family's centuries-old tradition. In addition, he felt that he had already experienced it in space. However, he agreed to accept the service on one five-year mission, provided that Malkia became his first officer. Before the start of the joint mission in 2375, they both got married and went to it with a plan that after the voyage, they would settle together somewhere quiet on the planet and start a family. When they are almost served, U.S.S. Greenwich was recalled in 2380 due to a Borg threat to the last desperate action on the planet Gateway.


Arjen Lumen is one of the so-called "space wolves", which will not surprise you. He lived his whole life in space and saw places and things that even seasoned fleet officers would not believe. After going through the Dominion War, where he lost his family ship and many friends and relatives, he already has had enough of hanging out with the cosmos. Maybe he would be bitter if he didn't know Malkia, who gives his life meaning in insight and humor. Thanks to her motivation, he finally agreed to take command of U.S.S. Greenwich to help humanity and the fleet in difficult times.