Captain Furber

Clive Furber
Full name: 
Clive Furber
Captain U.S.S. Palo Alto
Date and place of birth: 
22-Apr-2340, space dock on Earth orbit
Marital status: 
Married (second time)

Life and career:

Clive Furber comes from a long line of Earthlings serving in Starfleet. His mother Naďa Furberová was the head of operations in the space dock. She devoted every second to her work until the last moments of her pregnancy. Little Clive was born into a "workbee" moored between the gondolas of the just repaired Enterprise C (Nada smoothly completed the elaborate tuning of the bussard collectors during and after it). His godfather was Captain Rachel Garrett, who took command of the Enterprise on the day of his birth and impressed Furber's devotion.

Clive Furber followed his ancestors, graduated from Starfleet Academy with honors, and became an officer. In 2365, he met during a joint service at U.S.S. Hood, Lieutenant Elizabeth Stafford, of safety and fell in love. The following year, Captain De Soto married them aboard the Hood, and they both looked forward to a common future. However, when peace was made with the Cardassians, Elizabeth refused to recognize the Federation's decision. It didn't take long for her to run to the Maquis to continue the fighting. For the deeply principled Clive Furber, this contradiction was insurmountable and there was a divorce.Furber continued to focus on his career, and his fleet star rose sharply. In 2374 he was promoted to captain and was given command of the brand new U.S.S. Palo Alto, with whom he gradually embarked on two five-year missions. During the war with the Dominion, he met Captain Zantia of Andorius during a joint operation. After a short passionate romance, despite the differences in anatomical and cultural, they got engaged and in 2375 they took under the freezing Andor sky. They keep marriage at a distance, but because they are both disciplined from the soul and used to this kind of life, they don't mind. In 2384, Captain Furber and Palo Alto set out to investigate the disappearance of the sister ship U.S.S. Cupertino.


Clive Furber is a typical professional soldier who serves his homeland and adheres to the family tradition. It sometimes seems strict and austere to new crew members. Inside, he is very disciplined and deeply moral. He is an old school fleet and sometimes does not trust new technologies too much, he prefers to rely on his instincts and experience. He is hardened by many battles and, under appropriate circumstances, can justify many things, including homicide, but it must be about doing justice.