Captain Braun

Kapitán Edgar Braun
Full name: 
Edgar Braun
Velící důstojník U.S.S. Dakar
Date and place of birth: 
9-Aug-2336, Essen, Earth
Marital status: 

Life and career:

The Braun family is old and has a centuries-old tradition of holding the last positions and occupations. Among Edgar's ancestors was Hans Braun, the last lighthouse keeper, Ludvik Braun, the last lamp lighting on Earth, and so on. Every true Braun has found its place in history to help close an era, so it went on until 24. Century. Edgar's grandfather Ernest Braun was the last cook on the fleet ship before the total victory of the replicators. And his mother Emily Braun drives a tram on the last line on Earth, specifically no. 22 in old Prague (of course on the T3 car, these are the last working trams in the alfakvadrant).

Edgar also believed that he would be able to continue the tradition. Following the example of his grandfather, he joined the fleet, graduated from the academy and became an officer. To his great joy, he was assigned to the fleet's flagship, Enterprise D. He became a security guard in the shuttle hangar, and luck smiled on him at that time. When a civilian crew member in 2364, young boy Jake Kurland stole the shuttle from his hangar, the fleet ran out of patience. Due to the number of previous similar incidents, where anyone takes a shuttle, runabout or other vessels from the hangar at any time, the command concluded that having security or human regular service in the hangars was priceless. It's just embarrassing and it will be better to come to terms with the fact that everyone starts as they wish. Edgar Braun thus became the last hangar guard on the fleet ships and fulfilled the family tradition.

He was in the rankings and during the Battle for Sector 001 held the post of second officer on the admiral ship U.S.S. Bozeman. The 100-year-old Soyuz-class ship (the last of its kind in the fleet) had no chance against the Borg cube. Commander Braun was well aware of this, and when Admiral Hayes, Captain Antilles, and the other commanding officers were killed, he took command of the badly damaged ship and led it to a cube. He managed to escape in the shuttle and, in addition, chose a collision course to destroy the central fire sensor in the event of an impact. As Braun calculated well, the destruction of this seemingly uncritical system caused the Borg considerable trouble. During the explosion, the sensor triggered a water shower from all fire protections on the ship, and the entire cube crew was soaked to the bone. Due to the fact that the Borg and especially the queen wear a large part of the armor and pants of the skin, the inconvenience and distraction was considerable. The Borg immediately redirected all energy to the heater and drying. Captain Picard noticed this, concentrated fire at the appropriate site and destroyed the cube.

Starfleet analysts concluded that Commander Braun had a greater share in the destruction of the Borg than Captain Picard. However, since the whole background of the action could sound slightly ridiculous and disparage the victims of the battle, they decided to keep the information secret. Edgar didn't want fame, so he agreed. In addition, he quietly received the highest honors and his own command at U.S.S. Dakar.


Edgar Braun is a true professional officer, he cares about following traditions and has great respect for the history of the fleet and his own family. During each mission, he tries to represent humanity and the Federation as best he can. He likes to push boundaries and explore the unknown, but science is not his forte. He is not a great thinker and he realizes it. His qualities lie elsewhere, he is honest, courageous and with his speeches he can gain the loyalty of the people below him.