Full name: 
Captain of the flagship Fesarius
Date and place of birth: 
about 2100, place unknown
Marital status: 
FIrst Federation

Life and career:

Alvea is a member of a mysterious species from the First Federation. Her youthful to childish appearance deceives her, she is more than 270 years old, her phase of life is at the level of the Earth's thirties. Alvea dedicated the first two centuries of her life to the artistic career, because it came to her as the only thing that still brings some challenges to her technologically incredibly advanced species. She became a dancer, later a writer. However, belonging to a higher class of society led her to obligations to the First Federation. According to tradition, after her predecessor, Captain Balok, she took command of Fesaria in 2311 for a hundred years. Every member of the federal aristocracy must serve one century on the ship in order to maintain sufficient research and defense capabilities for their community.

At first, Alveu doesn't enjoy stellar life, but later he tastes it. He watches with interest alien species and their expansion through space. According to the traditions and regulations of his world, mostly only from seclusion and under a hidden identity.

In 2369, he secretly participated in an interstellar conference on Betazed. Part of the program is a show of fashion trends organized by the Lamb couple. The event is moderated by their daughter Tanja and Alvea falls in love with her at first sight.

For the next few years, Alvea watches Tanja and hesitates to show her. He longs for it, but the First Federation has not made contact with people for over 100 years, and their leaders are skeptical about further connections. However, when Captain Lamb's ship is in danger in 2374, Alvea will not last and will strike the Dominion with the Fesarius.


Alvea is an intelligent, inquisitive, honest and direct woman. Long-term life and education The First Federation taught her to value individuals and their uniqueness. Therefore, although she is very faithful to her kind, for the love of Tanja Lamb, she will calmly break a century-old silence in contact and help people fight the Dominion.