Ensign Chin-Riley

Septima Chin-Riley
Full name: 
Septima Chin-Riley
Navigator / OPS kappa shift specialist, U.S.S. Edmonton
Date and place of birth: 
7. 5. 2360, Ilyrian colony VII
Marital status: 

Life and career:

Like all of her kind, Septima is a genetically enhanced female with a perfect immune system. In addition, the Chin-Riley family has a long tradition of service to Starfleet, beginning with Una Chin-Riley on the original Enterprise. Septima thinks of this tradition as her own, and military service has never appealed to her. Her great passion since early childhood has been digigames and arcades from Earth in the second half of the 20th century. Because, in addition to clinging to tradition, her family is also characterized by considerable wealth, Septima has always hoped to be able to fulfill a big dream - acquiring a starship to serve as a traveling arcade. In her opinion, this archaic form of entertainment has much more soul and charm than modern simulators.

At first, she was lucky. Her older sister Sexta had been a Starfleet fan since she was a little girl, and it was clear that she would be the one to carry on the family banner. So it didn't bother her parents that Septima fell very far from the tree. While her father blamed her a bit for missing Sexta's matriculation to the academy because of the Quadrant's Tetris championship, he wasn't really mad at his little girl.

The turning point came in 2374 when Sexta, serving in the elite Red Squad cadet group, unwittingly participated in Admiral Leyton's military coup. When she learned in retrospect what she had been used for by the Admiral, she lost her rose-colored Fleet glasses. She left the Red Squad ranks, which saved her life. Two years later, in fact, its members, including Sext's great school sweetheart, were killed when they embarked on an illegal and suicidal mission with the U.S.S. Valiant. That was too much for the frazzled Sextus. She's resigned her commission and kind of lost her mind. As part of her freedom of gender, religion and orientation, she declared herself a tree and married a baobab in northwestern Australia.

So the family's attention turned to Septima. After much haggling, she finally compromised. Her father would get her an arcade yacht after she had served at least five years in the navy. Determined to pursue her goal, Septima enrolled, went through the academy, and then took her stationing at the U.S.S. Edmonton.


Septima is bright and inquisitive, exploring the unknown is the only thing she enjoys at least a little bit in Starfleet. Other than that, however, she tries to "carve out" time with her, so to speak, preferring to focus on her digihra as much as possible. She's very attractive and well aware of it. When it comes down to it, she likes to put on a lot of make-up and charm the whole crew at ship's parties.