Dr. Fortran

Dr. Fortran
Full name: 
Kvido Fortran
Programmer, Daystrom Institute
Date and place of birth: 
17-May-2335, New Amsterdam, Mars
Marital status: 

2347 - Since puberty, young Kvido has shown interest in computers, unlike peers, he spends days and hours in the company of algorithms and codes.

2353 - He receives from his uncle, who lives in exile (due to a false accusation of espionage) on the planet Bynus, a computer set unparalleled in the worlds of the Federation. He quickly gains an edge even among much older and more experienced professionals.

2358 - He graduates from Musk's polytechnic with honors, obtaining a doctorate in duotronics and isolinear sciences.

2360 - He joins the Daystrom Institute and his programming star rises.

2365 - Tron's medal for the development of HoloJox, the most popular tactical game for the next decade.

2371 - Order of the gold paper clip for the Stafleet Office office package.

2375 - He begins to work on the development of an artificial companion. The Daystrom Institute is not interested in this type of program, so Fortran continues to do so on his own. Upon completion, he publishes the hologram Replica 88, the most perfect digital mistress and assistant. Fortran secured patent rights and provided the program with robust security against pirate proliferation. As a result, he made a fortune on the sale of Replica on worlds inside and outside the Federation. One license was also bought by the Borg Queen, Fortran issued a certificate of sale for this particular copy in the study next to the red diploma.

2377 - Sent to Circinus II to decipher the mysterious behavior of the CHAL 9000 computer.