Commander Rade Zeta

Radea Zeta
Full name: 
Radea Zeta
First Officer, U.S.S. Palo Alto
Date and place of birth: 
18-Jun-2349, Orion
Marital status: 

Life and career:

As the vast majority of Orion women, Rade Zeta was born into slavery. It belonged to his father, who at the age of nine sold her as a maid and dancer to Ferengi merchants at the Humberto entertainment station in the Omicron sector. Four years later, the U.S.S. ship docked here to pursue the smugglers. Horatio under the command of Captain Walter Keel. When the Federation Captain saw Rade, he wished. He tried to buy it from the Ferengi, and since they refused to sell it to him, he won it over them in the Tonga game (he cheated, but believed it was for a good cause).

Captain Keel took Rade on Earth and gave her freedom. She wanted to repay him in the only way she knew and be his slave to love. Keel strictly refused something like that, but Rade still (or perhaps because of that) fell in love with him as her savior. Thanks to his principledness, the captain was able to resist the power of Orion pheromones, and nothing ever happened between them. He encouraged Rade to build her own life and be independent. Thanks to his influence, she decided to study and later go to Starfleet Academy.

When Walter Keel was killed in 2364, a little older, Rade realized how hard it must have been for him to resist her and admired him even more. She confirmed in the decision that she would succeed in the fleet as part of his memory.

She also succeeded, she successfully graduated from the academy in 2369, and despite her initial distrust of the Orions (although she took the oath of celibacy), she proved to be an excellent navigator and later commander. In 2380, she obtained the rank of commander and the position of deputy commander at U.S.S. Palo Alto. Four years later, together with Captain Furber, he investigates the disappearance of the sister ship U.S.S. Cupertino.


The nature of Radey Zeta is largely determined by its origin and history. It began as a toy for the pleasure of men, and when it was liberated, it had to face prejudices from its surroundings, as few Orionek would break free from its innate nature as sex-loving females. She herself has her own prejudices and does not have much confidence in men. Whenever he sees injustice to women, he tries to correct it. He sees chauvinists in men of all kinds who tend to oppress women. An exception was Walter Keel and now Captain Clive Furber, who reminds her greatly of Keel's morals and justice.

Radea loves blues, black and white photography and cat tongues (this chocolate delicacy was offered to her by Walter Keel as the first thing after her liberation, and as a reminder of this event, he drove them home until his death whenever he returned from a mission).