Commander Malkia

Komandér Malkia
Full name: 
Muda Malkia
First Officer at U.S.S. Greenwich
Date and place of birth: 
6-Dec-2327 / 4-Sept-2347, Cape Town, Earth
Marital status: 

Life and career:

Muda Malkie's life destiny is a bit of a game of destiny and time in itself. She was born at the end of 2327 to Ensign Marta Batanides. Her biological father was none other than Jean Luc Picard, who had an intense affair with Batanides at the academy. Jean Luc and Marta were just friends in the original timeline, everything changed thanks to the intervention of the being Q. Picard's consciousness went back in time to allow him to avoid a blow to the heart. Only thanks to this intervention was Malkia conceived, and perhaps this was what led to her fascination with time and his paradoxes in later life.

Picard eventually let time go in the original direction, and Marta and I were left with only colleagues, but no one erased the night together. Nine months later, Marta was about to tell Jean Luc about her daughter. However, little Malkia was born with a fatal neurological defect that the medicine at the time could not correct. After making difficult decisions, Marta decided to put her newborn daughter in stasis for as long as medical science continued and perhaps cured her. Jean preferred not to say anything to Luc in the end, she didn't want to hurt him. Medicine has really progressed, and twenty years later a cure has been found. By then, however, Captain Marta Batanides had been missing for two years, getting lost with her ship while mapping a remote part of the beta quadrant.

Malkia was awakened and cured in 2347, when she was born for the second time, so to speak. She was taken over by Dr. Zootrop of Cape Town and raised as her own. Muda Malkia knew from an early age that her mission lay in exploring the intricacies of time. She studied temporal mechanics at the fleet academy and had such excellent results that after graduating in 2369 she was offered a place according to her wishes. Malkia chose to work for Dr. Paul Manheim's team in a laboratory on Vandor IV

Their team achieved considerable success in exploring space-time and parallel realities until the laboratory was destroyed five years later in the Dominion attack. Malkia escaped certain death only through rescue from Captain Arjen Lumen. During the joint convalescence, he and Arjen fell in love, and Malkia subsequently went to serve as his first officer at U.S.S. Greenwich. In 2380, at the end of a joint five-year mission, he embarked on a desperate action against the Borg on the planet Gateway.


Thanks to its origin, Malkia has a unique view of space and time, perhaps thanks to its field of focus. He can perceive all his intricacies and very serious events with his own insight and light humor. She was always a brilliant scientist, above average intelligent to ingenious, but she lacked empathy. She did not develop until she met the only man in her life, Arjen Lumen.