Captaion Lub

Viola Lubová
Full name: 
Viola Lub
CO of U.S.S. Tallin
Date and place of birth: 
13-Sept-2343, Prague, Earth
Marital status: 

Life and carrier:

Violina's mother, Lydia Lubová, is a top cellist and a member of the legendary Prague Philharmonic. During the tour of this famous ensemble throughout the alfacadrant, there was also a stop on Denebu IV. It was there in 2341 that young Lieutenant Jack Crusher of U.S.S. Stargazer. He fell in love with Lydia and her music and invited her to a meeting that evening. They soon became a couple, and they met as often as their vocation, dragging them across the galaxy, allowed them. They conceived a daughter and in 2343 little Viola was born.  Lydia hoped Jack would be willing to settle down and ask for her hand - but Jack didn't want to. In addition, shortly after the birth of their daughter, Jack admitted that he had been cheating on Lydia with a young doctor, Beverly Howard, for a year. He left Lydia and his daughter at the mercy and married Beverly in 2348.

Lydia hated Jack, but decided to focus on her music and her daughter's upbringing. A few years later, however, Jack completed his betrayal and humiliation of his former love. He took Beverly to a performance by the Prague Philharmonic and kissed her (and perhaps loved her) in the officer's box during the concert.

The peaceful musician burned with revenge. Thanks to her fame, she had a number of strong connections. Her friend Anděla Horová, director of the Štefánik Institute of Cosmology (formerly an observatory) advised her on how to create a dangerous Nensi phenomenon in space. The preparations took several years, but in 2353 Lydia succeeded and lured the Stargazer ship into the phenomenon - she knew that Jack, as a warp field expert, would be the one to go off the ship to repair the damaged gondolas and die in a radiation storm.

Everything looked like an accident, and the only one who regretted it was Jack's commanding Jean Luc Picard. However, a fleet detective, Lieutenant Alfred Columbo, appeared on the scene. At first glance, this harmless but brilliant detective uncovered a personal background and Jack's not-so-moral past. He reached Lydia, whom he chased with his questioning first for weeks, then for months. He had no evidence and he knew he would not find it. But with his intrusiveness and tirelessness, he did two things. She and Lydia fell in love during their time together, and she, tired of forever hiding the truth, confessed. However, the powerful in the high places helped Jean Luc Picard disguise his friend's sins (the famous captain did not want Beverly to ever know that Jack was the victim of a murder out of jealousy for which he could himself).  And so Lydia was just quietly transported to a correctional colony in New Zealand. The kind-hearted Columbo took on her daughter Viola and raised her as his own.


Viola Lubová is a very smart, prudent woman with a sense of humor. She is fascinated by the whole universe and looks at even the smallest details with the amazement of the child and at the same time I will keep the eyes of the investigator. He believes in the integrity and values of the Federation and the fleet, sometimes he may seem naive to his surroundings. However, when it comes down to it, she can easily take advantage of the fact that her opponents underestimated her.

Viola doesn't like to use weapons and she can't do it either, she always relies on the surroundings. So she also met her closest friend, Susan O'Cal. When she found herself on the annual phaser shooting test in 2371, as usual, she was about to hack a computer into a shooting range and avoid exercises. However, she was caught by young Ensign O'Cal, a vigorous security guard who does not take napkins. Under normal circumstances, Susan would enjoy a disobedient officer, but she met Enterprise D, an accident investigator at Viola. For personal reasons, she admired Viola's efforts to uncover the incident and was upset with the command that everything had subsided. So she decided to help her with the fraud and shot a whole series of net ones instead. An old friendship arose from this meeting, and Viola married Susan to U.S.S. Tallin as head of security.