Captain Vizier

Kapitán Vizier
Full name: 
Command U.S.S. Braavos
Date and place of birth: 
12-Oct-1492, El-Auria
Marital status: 

Life and carrier:

Vizier was born into the powerful dynasty of his world and was counted as the heir to the throne. He grew up with his twin sister, Vadria, at the royal court. His father prepared him for the role of successor and for several centuries he was looking for a suitable wife. However, Vizier rejected all the imaginators and therefore came up with the most strange reasons. In secret, he passionately loved only one woman - his sister Vadria. The siblings, of course, kept their relationship a secret. They did well and the situation improved even more when their father sent them far into the galaxy to an experienced, within the family tradition. Vizier and Vadria spent decades under hidden identities on various worlds, including Earth in the second half of the twentieth and early twentieth first centuries. There, they both unleashed their artistic inclinations. Vizier embarked on the career of a writer and published his opus The Song of Ice and Fire under a pseudonym. He incorporated many of his personal experiences into her, including forbidden love with his sister. Vadria, meanwhile, under the stage name Cher, has enchanted crowds of Earthlings for many decades. At first, she was afraid that people would be suspected of her eternally youthful appearance (after all, the life expectancy of people against the El-Aurians was ridiculous), but the grateful listeners had no objection.

In the next two centuries, the roads led on, including Vulcan, Andor and Risa. As the time of returning home approached, the universe turned upside down for both siblings. In the middle of 23. The centuries-old home world of the El-Aurians were conquered by the Borg. Both Vizier and Vadria survived, but they became homeless outcasts, as did other members of their kind. Out of gratitude to the people who saved many El-Aurians, they entered at 24. A century to Starfleet. Over the years, both have risen to the rankings, and in 2344, Vizier was given the rank of captain of command at U.S.S. Lancelot. Vadria was to become his first officer, and they were both looking forward to being side by side again. When Vadria accepted a several-week position at U.S.S. Enterprise C, Vizier was not worried. His sister was a warp field specialist and had a brief look after the engine tuning. Unfortunately, at the time of her service, the Enterprise was destroyed by the Romulans at Narendra III and Vadria died.

The vision was literally overwhelmed by the loss of the sister. In the initial fit of rage, he and Lancelot wanted to go on a criminal expedition to the heart of the Romulan Empire, fortunately prevented him from doing so by the witty officers of his ship. The rush of madness soon passed, but the desire for revenge continued to smolder in him. He decided to pursue a career in the fleet as high as possible and persuade the command to approve a pre-emptive strike against the Romulans. While he was doing well and became a Rear Admiral in the 1960s, the rest of the Admiralty did not listen to his boyhood. When Vizier realized that he would achieve nothing in higher places, he longed to return to the bridge of the starship. However, the admirals do not command and escaping from the staff back to the stars is not easy. However, the vision found its way. Although he hardened inside after the death of his sister and the women did not interest him in terms of relationship and love when he wanted to, he was able to be an irresistible seducer thanks to centuries of experience. He also used this talent to enchant influential Admiral Alynna Nechayev. He pretended undying love, and the admiral hoped to ask for her hand soon. On the day of their annual anniversary, he deliberately cheated on her right in her office with her young branch Jana Lewinska. Disgusted, Alynna Vizier immediately demoted for inappropriate behavior in the service and, as punishment, gave him command of the obsolete mining ship J. R. Ewing. The vision was back where he wanted. He didn't mind serving on a crumbling cat and waiting patiently for his chance. It came during an assault by Orion invaders, when in 2375, as an experienced commander, he was able to repel the attack almost without weapons and saved the mining colony. The headquarters rewarded him for his heroism (despite Nechayev's objections) with command of the new U.S.S. Braavos.

A few years later, Braavos is part of the Romulans' humanitarian aid to the captain's disgust. In the Taurus sector, he then witnesses the Q quarrel and the revelation of Lady Q


Visier is an experienced man who has done many professions in his long life, he knows the same amount in art and war. He suffered many wounds, and even the destruction of Borg's own world did not break him. Only the loss of his beloved sister caused the burning of his sensitive interior. Once a peaceful man is burned by hatred of the Romulans and a desire for revenge.