Captain Lamb

Tajna Lambova
Full name: 
Tanja Lamb
Commanding Officer of U.S.S. Arkham
Date and place of birth: 
16-Jun-2340, Napoli, Earth
Marital status: 

Life and career:

Born in Italy into the family of fashion designers. Although she quite liked this world as a child, she eventually decided to conjure up her father for a career in the fleet. She enrolled at the academy and soon gained a reputation as a tactical ace. She learned several martial arts and her great hobby was the history of the military. All the instructors in Tanja saw a promising officer who would apply to one of the escort ships or cruisers. In one of the last years of her studies in 2358, her group of cadets was on routine training at Pandora VII. The base was attacked by the Cardassians as part of one of the many clashes of the Cardassian-Federal War. For the first time, Tanja saw with her own eyes the horrors of direct conflict, death, and despair.

The experience disgusted her current desire for a military career. She changed her expertise and, after graduating, was placed on the research ship U.S.S. Columbus Class Excelsior. With it, he embarks on two five-year missions of nebula mapping and gaseous anomalies.  It gradually rises in the rankings and in 2370 he received command of the scientific U.S.S Marconi. It is a small, more than 100-year-old Oberth-class ship, but Tanje is comfortable and is happy to explore dwarf stars.

Everything will change with the outbreak of the Dominion War in 2373. Cardassian / Jem Hadar commando attacks the defenseless colony of Chanell V. Both Lambs, who are currently holding a fashion show, will also die in the attack. Tanja is overwhelmed by the death of her parents and burns with a desire for revenge. He asks for a transfer to a battleship and involvement in the war. The fleet, aware of its talent for tactics, likes to suit her. In December 2373, Captain Lamb took command of U.S.S. Arkham and engages in combat operations.


Tanja Lamb is a brilliant officer, as is a beautiful and sensual woman. Her Italian heritage left hot blood in her. After her parents' death, she longs for Vendetta, which she would like to perform throughout the Dominion. After a year of warfare, however, she begins to realize that her desire for revenge may have taken her too far, and she would rather leave everything. Thanks to training and practice, however, he can control his temper.

She is very emotional and open in private life. She grew up in the relaxed manners of the fashion world 24. century, so it has no inhibitions or prejudices. She has had passionate romances with men and women, although she prefers women.